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Waterstones launch

Here are some photos from the launch event for the anthology, held at Waterstones Piccadilly on April 6th. Thirteen of the authors were present, as was our editor Rufus, friends, family and a smattering of industry folk. Our numbers were periodically swelled by various poor lost souls looking for a poetry reading – indeed some even claimed our event was ‘more fun’.

All photos were taken either by Bill (Theresa’s husband) or the super-talented Kate Bulpitt.

Thirteen of the fourteen authors of the Book of Unwritten Rules
Thirteen happy authors (Stephen, you were missed)
Hubbub – the launch in full swing
Authors signing The Book of Unwritten Rules
L-R Ivan, Theresa, Kate B, Annabelle
L-R Sarah, Julia, Christina, Kate H
L-R Sarah, Julia, Julie, Kate H
L-R Jim, Emily, Julia
L-R Jim, Emily, Julia
L-R Bill (Photos and author wrangling), Theresa, Christina
L-R Bill (Photos and author wrangling), Theresa, Christina
Lisa and Kate H, not signing
Lisa and Kate H
Rufus Purdy, our editor and MC on the night
Rufus Purdy, our editor and MC on the night
Jim (James) gave the speech on behalf of all of us
Jim (James) gave the speech on behalf of all of us
Theresa’s special thank you for being chief cat herder for the past two years

Exciting news…

We’ve been somewhat quiet of late, but we have some exciting news.

We have had a lovely cover designed for us (by the very talented James Bates):

Cover for The Book of Unwritten Rules
Cover for the anthology

And even more excitingly, we have a proposed launch date – April 6th. Leave a comment or get in touch if you’d like to come along to the launch (London only, I’m afraid) and get your hands on the exclusive (and sure to become a collectors’ item) hardcopy edition.

Much more soon!

Barbarians beer  - as drunk by the bright young things

The launch of Barbarians

Barbarians beer bar
Barbarians beer – as drunk by the Bright Young Things

It was a delight to see so many people gathered to celebrate the launch of Barbarians by Tim Glencross (John Murray).Tim made the celebration a family affair, choosing to hold his bash at The Sevenoaks Bookshop. Well, if you’re mum is the co-owner of a fantastic independent bookshop, you’d be silly not to take full advantage of it.

Sevenoaks Bookshop
Sevenoaks Bookshop

As the first of our group to see his novel published, many of us who met on the Curtis Brown Creative three month novel writing course, back in the Autumn of 2011 were there to support him and wish him all the best.

CBC alumni / Festival Writers
CBC alumni / Festival Writers – (left to right: Theresa Howes, James Hannah, Christina Prado, Tim Glencross, Kate Bulpitt, Sarah Drinkwater, Lisa Berry)

We were thrilled to see that Grazia live suggested reading Barbarians as one of the top ten things to do on the weekend of its release (22nd May). The Metro called it ‘Astute, ‘immaculately funny’, while The Sunday Times described it as ‘An impressive debut’, and stated ‘Glencross feels like a writer to watch’.  But we all knew that already.


No more workshopping this draft....
No more workshopping this draft….

And so we all bought the novel, of course…

The author speaks
The author speaks

Shy and retiring type that he is, after a glass or two of bubbly, Tim was persuaded to give a speech, or maybe it was the beer that loosened his tongue.



And if you’re wondering about the significance of the beer bottles, you’re going to have to buy Barbarians to find out.