Theresa Howes

After reading English at university, Theresa studied classical acting for two years. She has worked in all aspects of theatre, from washing showgirls’ tights and selling ice creams, to playing overgrown schoolgirls and nineteenth century tragic heroines. The breaks between roles, euphemistically knows as ‘resting’, gave her time to start writing, and once she’d written her first short story, she never looked back.

She is currently seeking representation for her novel, The Debut, which is set in a London theatre in the 1880’s, and inspired by the Victorian actor-manager, Sir Henry Irving. The novel was recently shortlisted for the Pageturner prize.

The idea for The Barley Child came out of her love for the brooding Shropshire landscape of her childhood, and her interest in the local folklore and superstition, whose influence can still be felt in the small rural communities.



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