Julia Armfield

Julia Armfield grew up in Surrey. After studying English Literature at university, she went straight on to study for a Masters in Victorian Art, Literature and Culture. She is a regular blogger for the British Library, specialising in medical history and amputation, and recently completed her MA Dissertation on Hair, Teeth and Nails in the Victorian Imagination. In line with her studies, her general ethos on writing tends to be: ‘the creepier the better’.

Smoke and Mirrors was a product of a great many bad movies plus a preoccupation with Angela Carter and Shirley Jackson. Writing a short story was an interesting change of pace for Julia, since brevity has never been one of her strong suits and her sentences have been known to go on for several days.

Julia is currently working on various projects inspired by a rattlebag of different interests; from Greek myths to the Pre-Raphaelites to dreadful eighties horror. Hopefully one of these days will see at least one of these projects completed.

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